The Great Lakes Maritime Center (Maritime Center) offers a variety of opportunities to learn about the history and current events of the Great Lakes. Video formats, displays, and speaker programs present a wide range of information.
Looking for a snack, lunch, or a cup of coffee and donut?  Try the Maritime Center's Waterfront Deli!
A live underwater camera (also inside) lets you view activity under the St. Clair River. Plus, a displayed schedule of ship travels - in actual time - is available. The Maritime Center is at the junction of the Black and St. Clair Rivers. You can watch giant freighters pass right in front of you - less than a quarter mile away.
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Bring your laptop and surf the 'Net on the free WiFi.
Host your next maritime-related meeting. (up to 64)
Usual Summer hours (8 to 7): Memorial Day thru Labor Day.
Usual Winter hours (8 to 5): Labor Day thru Memorial Day.
 The Center is closed  for the winter. It reopens on
 Monday, March 12.
  Telephone: (810) 985-4817
Step outside the Maritime Center (except during winter months) to the French fries truck and have some delicious fries!  
Or stop at the ice cream wagon (except during winter months) to enjoy premium ice cream! 

A wind turbine and solar panel facility, owned and operated by the St. Clair County Regional Education Service Agency (RESA), was dedicated in 2010 at Vantage Point.  Information from the turbine and panels are downloaded to a website, which will be shared with the St. Clair County Community College to be used during classes teaching alternative energy.
Map & Directions
Vantage Point is located at 51 Water Street in Port Huron, Michigan, just 2 miles south from the end of I-94 and the Blue Water Bridges.  It is where the Black and St. Clair Rivers meet.
Map to Vantage Point
Travel Time (hrs)
Sterling Heights, MI 50 mi. 0:45
Ann Arbor, MI 100 mi 1:30
Lansing, MI 120 mi 1:50
Toronto, Ontario 185 mi (300 km) 3:00
Chicago, IL 340 mi. 5:00
Buffalo, NY 220 mi 3:40
Distances & times are approximate

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